February 13, 2011

American Pickers

Have you ever seen that show American Pickers?

This modern day treasure hunt which airs on the Discovery Channel follows Mike Wolfe and his partner Frank Fritz as they go across the country trying to find items of value here, there and everywhere.

The two look for disregarded treasures in people’s homes, estates, barns and junkyards. They search for those items that they can turn around and make a profit on.

Now, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz convince people to let them go into their homes to scour for valuable scraps. You and me, we generally wouldn’t have that access and it could be a little uneasy barging into someone’s house. Instead, do your treasure hunting at one of our fine local flea markets.

Check out any of these and you’re surely to find some kind of treasure. Either to keep for yourself or maybe to throw on eBay to make an extra cash. One thing for sure American Pickers will inspire many others to do the same!

Happy Picking

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