February 10, 2011

Instant Wrinkle Relief: DMAE Products

What's the latest wrinkle in skin care?

It's dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) at least if you believe Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a well-known dermatologist who appeared recently on Dr. Ehmet Oz's television program.

Perricone (the author of books on skin care and other health topics) says wrinkles don't stand a chance against lotions that contain DMAE, a compound that occurs naturally in salmon and other foods. "When you put it on, there is an almost instant change. "You will see an increase in radiance and an increase in skin tone. It's not a Gizmo."

Gizmo or not, Perricone may not be the most objective source of information on DMAE. His website sells a variety of DMAE-containing products.

What do other dermatologists say about DMAE?

Dr. Zoe Draelos, consulting professor of dermatology at Duke University tells, "The bottom line is that it is a marginally valuable compound. The effect wears off very quickly."

She said little little research has been done on DMAE's purported anti-wrinkle effect, adding "It's never been tested in a large study."

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