February 23, 2011

Pakistan vs Kenya

Pak vs Ken highlights How many runs can Pakistan score against Kenya today. If they continue scoring at the same level, the team may end up with score of around 250-260 runs. Pakistani batsmen have shown maturity in scoring here Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium, Sooriyawewa, Hambantota.

Three Pakistani batsmen have already scored half centuries and I am expecting Umar Akmal too to come up with at least 50 runs. He has been impressive so far and may help in accelerating Pakistani inning.

Misbah who is playing at 64 and Akmal who is playing at 51 at the end of 44.5 overs. Pakistani cricket team has come a long way from the two early losses.

If they continue scoring in so brutal way in the next few matches, I am sure every commentator is going to review his opinion about Pakistani cricket team and its chances in the world cup.

But we need to keep in mind another aspect of this match. They are playing against Kenya and we were not expecting any miracle from them.

So though the win here may give a psychological edge to Pakistani team, they will have to prove them in the next matches against established team, many of whom have beaten them in recent months.

Meanwhile Pakistani cricketers today have created a record of sorts after 4 Pakistani batsmen hit half centuries. First was Kamran Akmal followed by Yunis Khan, Misbah and Kamran’s younger brother Umar Ahmal.

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