February 8, 2011

PIA Employees Protesting

PIA employees protesting against the Pakistan International Airlines against an agreement between Turkish Airlines and Pakistan International Airline are being forced to leave the Jinnah Terminal Area by the PIA Action Committee, after which a brawl between the two parties occurred.

According to reports the complete schedule of PIA flights is being disturbed due to protests by the employees.

Protestors include Engineers, Pilots and other staff members of the PIA, who claims that the protest is against an agreement between Pakistan International Airlines and Turkish Airlines, however, PIA has denied any claims of the agreement.

Reports show that the protest against the PIA enflamed after Pakistan International Airlines fired Chairman Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association Sohail Baluch and eight other pilots for instigating the PIA employees to go on strike.

According to latest reports the talks between the two parties are underway to resolve the issue.

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