March 1, 2011

Abram Boise: 5 Facts on the MTV Star

South Pacific" and other reality shows, spent a weekend in jail after being arrested in Lunenburg, Mass. Police there charged him with two counts of defacing property and one count of indecent exposure.

The story gets really real from there, that law enforcement sources say Boise "defecated in his hands and smeared it on the cell" while he was incarcerated. We'll try to banish that image from our minds while we run down five facts about Boise and his colorful career.

1. He's a reality regular

Boise has an extensive list of MTV reality shows to his credit. After "Road Rules: South Pacific" in 2003, he appeared on adventure competition shows like "The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes and Cutthroat."
2. He's got a bad-boy persona

After getting kicked off "Road Rules" for attacking castmate Donell Langham, Boise was named the 14th "most heinous reality TV star" by Reality Ranker.

3. His background is a mix of showbiz and the Midwest

A native of Los Angeles, Boise's first taste of adventure was a wilderness trip in Montana when he was just a teenager. He went on to study pre law at the University of Montana Western in Dillon.

4. He wrote a children's book

Boise is the creator of "The Star of Happiness," which he describes as "an imaginatively enganging and brilliantly colorful children's picture book about the individual pursuit of happiness, where the child thoughtfully discovers that true happiness and contentment are found by following one's own dreams."

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