March 26, 2011

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble will open up a new chapter in the development of its Nook Color next month with a firmware update that includes Adobe Flash playback support and email plus an App Store, features displayed exclusively on a Home Shopping Network segment this morning.

The segment, recorded by a fan and posted on YouTube, outlines those additions. Barnes & Noble acknowledged adding email, but didn’t mention Flash, press release report.

On HSN, the device was presented as the only tablet on the market to include Flash, though Samsung’s redesigned 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab, which is due in June, will also support Flash and Motorola’s Xoom will get full Flash support “in a matter of weeks” according to a recent report. The network plans to offer other sneak peeks at 12 PM, 5 PM and 9PM today.

On HSN, the updated Nook was listed at $299 with $11.95 for shipping and handling. On the segment, the device boasts a $504 retail value and a normally listed price of $379.95 on HSN.

The upgrade comes after Barnes & Noble offered a “minor” tweak in January that added better Wi-Fi connectivity, improved performance and the ability to pinch and zoom the text.

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