March 23, 2011

Big Hoss of Pawn Stars Arrested

Big Hoss of 'Pawn Stars' fame is in the big house, thanks to his involvement in a California bar fight.

Hoss, whose real name is Corey Harrison, was arrested Sunday night at Murray's Saloon and Eatery in Big Bear Lake after getting into a fight with a patron at that establishment. When two men a deputy and a security guard attempted to intervene, Harrison allegedly attacked them.

Arden Wiltshire, speaking on behalf of the San Bernadino County Sheriff's Department, said that Harrison, 27, had been booked in the Big Bear jail following the event.

"He was arrested and taken to jail and held until he was able to care for himself," a spokesperson for the department confirmed.

Big Hoss was issued citations for battery and resisting arrest and was "cooperative and apologetic" upon his release.

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