March 30, 2011

Dancing With The Stars: 2nd week

Tonight is the night someone has got to go home. I love this season of Dancing with the (ahem) Stars. Sadly someone has to leave us tonight, how does that make you feel? Makes me feel like I wish it was that boring-ass hostess taking a hike tonight.

J eeze Louise... she is for lack of a better word something, isn't she? Just once. ONCE, I'd love for a celeb/dancer to answer her "how does it feel" question like this. "It sucks, Brooke, if effin sucks"

I doubt if Brooke will go home tonight, perhaps the nail in her coffin might come in the form of a suspension for getting quoted wishing Chris Brown and his bad self stay away from tonight's live show. My fingers are crossed. Ooops, no such luck, the other Burke questions his performance. Brooke apparently has no preference either way.

As far as tonight goes, my prediction, if it can't be Brooke, probably that Psycho Mike fella, you know, Dr. Drew's friend. With about a half hour before the first celebrity/dancer gets cut, here is how I see things in week two. Be warned, it is how I see it snarky comments and all.

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