March 28, 2011

Ex-spy Chapman

Anna Chapman, Russia’s ‘femme fatale’ who was unceremoniously ejected from the land of the free amidst spying allegations, has spoken of her new life in Moscow in an interview with the BBC.

In it Chapman reveals how she has switched switched from shirking the limelight to hogging it as the host of a tabloid style entertainment show, Secrets of the World, which investigates such unfortunate incidents as a woman who returned from Egypt sans arm following a shark encounter.

Though refusing to confirm or deny the fact that she had ever been a spy Chapman hasn’t been slow to cash in on the perception since crossing the iron curtain, including an appearance on the front cover of a men’s magazine brandishing a pistol.

Chapman is now keen to branch out into her own however with the launch of her own 3D production company, telling the BBC: “We have the Winter Olympics and other interesting events coming up that I could cover. I'm going to launch a 3D pilot project soon."

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