March 25, 2011

Find Your Unclaimed Cash

Did you know that you could have unclaimed money just sitting around waiting for you? I wouldn’t think so or you probably would have went and found it, right? There are literally billions of dollars just sitting in the holding of states waiting for people to come pick them up. Some of the unclaimed money could be from paychecks, taxes, deposits etc.

It can’t hurt to check and see if you how unclaimed money but many people have no idea how to do it. I always saw the advertisements on the news but I could never get any information about how to search except for contacting the state. Contacting the state was quite a feat! You can easily use the internet to search for unclaimed money by going to

I tried searching for myself but I didn’t find anything, so sad! There are some people that have thousands of dollars just waiting for them however. It only takes a few minutes to search so you might as well give it a try. Make sure you post below if you find any unclaimed money.

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