March 31, 2011

Important Issues About 2nd Semi Final 2011

In 2nd semi final of ICC Worldcup 2011 played between Indai and Pakistan yesterday," splashed the tabloid Mail Today, referring to the first all Asian World Cup final against Sri Lanka in Mumbai that will be played on April 2nd 2011.

"The epic showdown between the arch rivals lives up to its billing as the match of the World Cup," the newspaper said after delirious celebrations at the Punjab Cricket stadium after India's 29 run win.

The Calcutta Telegraph managed just two words "Won India" giving its readers all they needed to know. "Although India were 20 runs short of a good score in the semi final, finally they managed to win. It was a great team effort and everybody made contributions one way or the other. The strength of this team is not on one particular player and that is the best thing.

Here Are Some Images You Don't See Before:

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