March 16, 2011

Irish Recipes and Saint Patricks Day

There are two chefs who have been lifelong friends have marched into YouTube and announced themselves. Both chefs have teamed up to help preserve their cookery traditions and methods.

Brendan O’ Neill, Northern European Director for the World Association of Chef Societies says that, ”One of the biggest problems that we have in the professional food industry today, is that young chefs coming into the industry are not being trained completely.”

Bryan Cleary, who served his apprenticeship with Chef Brendan O’Neill completely, agrees with him. “When I served my apprenticeship, it was a six year gig. Then I began to see Chefs being churned out into the industry after sixteen weeks, and they were calling themselves, Chefs. From six years to sixteen weeks?”

Bryan Cleary is also a winner of one of Ireland’s most prestigious technology awards and with their combined expertise the two chefs have teamed up to create a website that will help to train young chefs in the basics of food preparation in all aspects of professional cookery.

Content Out To YouTube for Saint Patrick’s Day:

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