March 9, 2011

Kill The Boy’s Murderer: Angered Dad

A father still angered over his young son’s death more than 35 years ago has vowed to kill the boy’s murderer if he is released several years early from his 40 year sentence, as now scheduled.

Michael Woodmansee, who was a neighbor of the Foreman family, killed Jason Foreman in South Kingstown in 1975 and hid the boy’s shellacked bones in his house for years. He confessed and was convicted of second-degree murder in 1983.

If that happens, he intends to kill Woodmansee as aggressively and painfully as Woodmansee killed his son, John Foreman told. “I do signify, if this man is released or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to kill this man,” he said, calling Woodmansee a monster and a cannibal who ate his son’s flesh.

“That’s what he thinks about. That’s what is still on his mind, I’m sure, if he gets out again, to do this again.”

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin said he is outraged about Woodmansee’s planned release, and urged the Department of Correction to consider all avenues to keep him behind bars. A Department of Correction lawyer said Woodmansee earned time off for good behavior and it can be revoked only if he misbehaves.

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