March 2, 2011

Mickelson Start Educate on Psoriatic Arthritis

Leading up to last year's U.S. Open, Phil Mickelson started feeling pain near his right ankle. His left index finger and right wrist felt as if they were sprained. Chalking the aches up to common wear and tear from hitting countless golf balls, Mickelson wasn't concerned and finished in a tie for fourth in the nation's championship at Pebble Beach.

Some days later, whether on a family holidays the aches and pains had migrated to other parts of his body, and Mickelson could barely sleep.

"I was laying down on bed and any movement was painful for me. I had to go lie on the couch because whenever Amy (wife) would move it would hurt," the four time major champion said. "I remember thinking at 3 in the morning about what is this going to do? How is this going to affect my playing career, my every day life playing with my kids? Those were my first concerns.

"Some days later I went out to play golf and the pain had prolonged to my shoulders and I wasn't able to take the club back."

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