March 30, 2011

Predict Pakistan Victory Against India: Palmists Killed

Mumbai University Dheram Puri Almaruf Bangali Mumbai Famous Palmists Killed In Mumbai After Predict Pakistan Victory Against India.

On March 07, 2011 Parrot known as Maani forecasted Pakistan thrice consecutively as Cricket World Winner this year. Parrot’s master, in order to secure him by Indian bash Shiv Sena, wiped out his Parrot intended for predicting Pakistan as Successful. in cricket world cup 2011.

What is the sin of poor palmist?
What is the sin of poor parrot?

Watch the video below And Think....

Pakistan and India will face each other in the 2nd semi-final of ICC World Cup 2011, on Wednesday, 30 March, in Mohali. According to above unexpected events occur in India, remember one thing, this is a game not a war. Don't play with lives of innocent and poor peoples.

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