March 19, 2011

Rewrite Disney's Magic Kingdom: Michael Chabon

Now things are getting interesting. The Pulitzer Prize winning author and screenwriter Michael Chabon is considering teaming up with director Jon Favreau for Disney's new project Magic Kingdom. As we already know, Magic Kingdom is the project that Disney lured Favreau away from Marvel with, and it seems to be one of their most high priority features, especially because it's set inside Disneyland. The original script was written by Ron Moore (of "Battlestar") but Favreau wants to bring over Chabon for a "potential team-up on Kingdom."

No offer has been made yet, so it's far from official, but Favreau wants him. Chabon, mostly known for his books, has been inside the Disney family already, doing a lot of uncredited screenwriting work on films like John Carter of Mars, Tron Legacy and pretty much anything at Pixar. He's a damn good writer with a knack for turning good stories into great ones, which is why it's essential to have him rework a script. Hopefully Favreau can team up with Chabon and revise the screenplay to be even better, and not just a cheesy Disney does Night at a Museum all over again. We'll have to see, as details are just coming together and he's only in talks, but it's obvious Favreau really wants his Disney movie to kicking serious ass. Great news to hear?

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