March 28, 2011

Roof Collapses In Pollock Pines

Dorado County firefighters are blaming a mixture of heavy snow and persistent rain for two commercial roof collapses in Pollock Pines Saturday.

Battalion Chief Kurt Taylor said the first roof collapse occured at the Pollock Pines True Value Hardware Store at 10:30 am. The second collapse happened at the Knotty Pine Lanes bowling alley just before midnight.

No injuries were reported at either incident.

Taylor said heavy snow loads can actually be more dangerous when it rains.

Taylor said, "There was already several feet of snow on these roofs. It acts like a sponge and the rain mixes with the snow and multiplies the weight on the roof."

County fire officials are urging residents to monitor their roofs as snow accumulates and to contact their local fire station with any questions.

"With the amount of snow we've got over the last couple of weeks and now rain coming down on top of it, people will have to check that and take action," Taylor said.

County building inspectors will spend Sunday assessing the damages to both businesses.

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