March 22, 2011

The Six Degrees of Separation

Working with Judyth Piazza whom I`ve come to refer to as "Mighty J" continues to be a wonderful and learning experience for me. And over the years, I`ve through Judyth, also come into a firmer belief of the often spoken of law. The Six Degrees of Separation.

Judyth obviously doesn`t know everyone there is but the amount of people she has interviewed on her radio program, The American Perspective or come into contact with that the majority of us have also heard of is amazing! That also incidentally, brings me to this book we are currently working on and the amazing people that are included in it.

Although I myself don`t know them personally, I know that many of the people included are people that she in fact does and the individuals she continues to interview and to work with makes my world smaller and smaller in that regard.

As I look to my left I see one of my book shelves with I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by the supremely talented Maya Angelou, Embrace The Struggle by the incredibly inspirational Zig Ziglar and Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz and other books by Dean whose name is instantly recognized as "Best Selling Author" to the world at large.

Many of the people who are in this book are known to many of the people not only in the United States but around the globe.

So one of the differences in my "Now" and a few years ago before "Judyth" is that in the past I simply appreciated their gifts and talents and now I know someone whom I`ve worked with on a regular basis, who has spoken to them all!

Me? I don`t consider myself anyone special but I do certainly believe it is special to have the opportunity to work with Judyth Piazza as long as I have and also on this project that she is throwing herself into like with all she does.

Maybe in the future due to this collaboration on Judyth`s and my part with this book, I will meet or speak to some of the individuals.

In the event that I don`t though, I am still pleased to share these people who all are inspirational beings in this world of ours that can certainly use just that and I remain thankful for the working relationship and friendship I enjoy with Judyth Piazza or again, what she is to me, "The Mighty J."

Judyth asked me what I expect to happen regarding this project and I have to honestly answer, I really don`t know.

I do know however, if the aftermath of this experience and work contains enough of Judy`s energy which she has blessed me to include some of mine as well, not to mention the individuals that make up this book, then I have little doubt, it will be a "Mighty Experience" for all who get a chance to enjoy it.

Sometimes when people say. "What next?" They are referring to what other bad thing could transpire in the future.

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