March 4, 2011

Snow Leopard

Time to shoot me and put me out of my misery. Why? Because I had to narrow my choices of where and how I’d be traveling this year. I had to be logical and realistic. For a few hours, anyway. And for as logical and realistic as I was capable of being.

And believe me, I am not all that capable. Which is fine fortuitous, actually. For many reasons, but, especially, because I’ve had pretty severe asthma since I was 6 months old. Yet I have gone through life believing if I really had the will to do something, I could do it.

That’s how I got in the habit of making plans before bouncing them off others with good capabilities of logic and reason. I didn’t want to hear the “What are you, nuts?” opinion.

Which is why I realized that I may soon need to be shot like a horse with a ruined leg. Travel writer euthanasia.

Finally, I was the one who said to myself: “What are you, nuts?” I was re-reading material about the Baobab Expeditions snow leopard trip in India. It was a chance to trek to the habitat of this beautiful big cat, in the Himalayas. To visit Ladakh, a place I’d always wanted to see.

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