March 28, 2011

Weekly Web Finds: Get Wired

This week we delve into a galaxy far, far away yes, that galaxy where bandit separatists run wild, where the Republic is trying to maintain control over information and small, furry creatures ride segways wait, what?

That’s right, folks, it's the Internet. This week’s conglomeration of curiousness from the Web contains art, photos and videos of one of the most beloved and revered movie series off all time: "Star Wars."

You can’t deny it you love it. Whether you are a hardcore fan or just an average Joe who catches the "Trilogy" on rerun once a year, this George Lucas empire has been woven into your life over the last thirty odd years.

So without further ado, may the Force be with you.

What realllly happened:

"Seriously, you had to ask, Luke, didn't you? Welp, you got your answer.

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