April 20, 2011

Amber Rose

Enjoying some fun in the Caribbean sun, Amber Rose was spotted snorkeling in Barbados earlier this month.

Ms. Rose wasn’t shy about showing off her voluptuous form in a skimpy bikini as she geared up for some underwater adventures.

Meanwhile, it seems Amber’s ex-boyfriend Kanye West caused some issues at Coachella over the weekend when he made a rude reference to her from the stage.
Rose’s current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa approached West after the gig to settle things, and of course Kanye threw a temper tantrum.

An eyewitness told press, “Wiz didn't want to fight, he just wanted all this catty bullsh*t to end. Kanye said something to Wiz and next thing you know security and people's entourages were everywhere pushing and shoving, it could have got real ugly.”

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