April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day Jokes

Google, a search engine with a sense of humor, has set up at least two April Fool's Day jokes today. Google is playing with the world's love of Helvetica and hate of Comic Sans fonts. If you find for "Helvetica" in Google, the results show up in Comic Sans. OK, maybe not everyone will find that as hilarious as those of us who've worked in typography will, but maybe it'll at least make your eyeballs smile this morning.

Helvetica is an often-used sans serif font. It's the kind of typeface you might use in a letter or on your resume. Comic Sans, on the other hand, is a circus-poster looking font that you might use if you're 6 years old.

Oh, and the weather report for today wasn't a joke it really did snow in parts of central Pennsylvania this morning, though not nearly as much as it did in New England. Let's hope Mother Nature is done fooling around with spring now, however.

April Fool's Day editorial about how great it would be never to tax Marcellus shale drilling companies. It's no joke that some almost certainly agree.

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