April 17, 2011

Audirina Patridge

AUDRINA Patridge’s new boyfriend says the couple are taking things slowly.

The reality TV star started romancing polo player Nic Roldan a few weeks ago and while things are not yet serious, the hunky sportsman is very taken with her.

In a text message, he told RadarOnline of the relationship, “We are just talking at the moment. Been going on for a couple of weeks :) She is really great. (sic)”

Nic is based in Palm Beach, Florida and recently gave Audrina a polo lesson, while the pair also topped up their tans together.

“It’s blossoming. They’re getting to know each other and they’re having a lot of fun together,” a source said.

As well as enjoying a new romance, Audrina is about to launch her new reality TV show, Audrina, in which her family will make guests appearances in and she admits it will make interesting viewing.

“Everyone is going to be very opinionated and judgmental and pick them to pieces so it’s something they’re going to have to get ready for,” she said.

“My family, there really aren’t any secrets. We’re pretty open about everything. It’s really what you see is what you get…it’s something where on camera they’re the same as they are off camera.”

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