April 12, 2011

Belarus Subway Blast

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said Monday 11 people died and about 100 were wounded in an explosion that ripped through a crowded subway station in the capital, Minsk.

Officials said the Monday afternoon rush hour blast hit the Oktyabrskaya underground station, located in the center of the capital.

Mr. Lukashenko called an emergency meeting of his Cabinet to discuss the situation.

It was not immediately clear what caused the explosion.

The station is within 100 meters of the nation's presidential palace and Mr. Lukashenko's residence.

There has been significant political tension in Belarus since Mr. Lukashenko won the December 2010 election, a vote that international observers said was flawed and led to large local protests.

Mr. Lukashenko has since launched a brutal crackdown on all opposition figures, as well as rights activists.

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