April 14, 2011

Cox Passes On Arquette And Request For Sex

Disney World is known as the "Happiest Place On Earth," and David Arquette was hoping to make it even happier.

While on a trip to the Florida theme park with his estranged wife Courteney Cox and their daughter Coco, the Scream 4 actor tried to put the moves on the former Friends star.

On the Late Show last night, Cox told David Letterman:

"He did try to hit on me. He hit pretty hard. and I said, 'No more fast pass right now. Not that ride!'"

Hilarious! While on Howard Stern yesterday, Arquette revealed:

"Listen, I tried to f*** her, and she doesn't even want me. [I thought], this is the happiest place on Earth! Let’s make it happier!"

In response, Cox added, "He's somethin' else ... over 100 days sober now. He's doing great."

Find out what Courteney thinks of David's candid conversations with Howard Stern about their sex life, after the jump.

In response to David's sex talk on Howard Stern, Courteney says:

"We got separated and David wanted to just go out and tell the truth. He was doing a lot of drinking and stuff. He shared a lot!"

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