April 22, 2011

Famous Actor Moin Akhtar Died

Famous actor Moin Akhtar died in Karachi, Pakistan. Moin Akhtar was died due to heart attack today. Moin Akhtar was facing heart disease from a long time. He was admitted to hospital earlier today due to heart pain but he died in few hours. He was a big actor and had played all roles like as comedy, serious and he was perform in several talk shows.

Moeen Akhter birth date is December 24, 1950. He is also one of the biggest performers on stage of Karachi. His performance of comedy with bushra ansari and anwar maqsood is remember able. He is one of the biggest names in comedy shows in Pakistan. His most famous character was Rozi as a female. Remember that Pakistan Showbiz already lost the famous actors Liaqat Soldier, Mastana and Babu Baral in few days.

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