April 1, 2011

The Fastest Engagement in History, Mobbed

Flash mobs have become a thing of pop culture. You just never know when one might break out around you, with people singing/dancing. But on Howie Mandel's 'Mobbed' special, they took the assumption to a whole new level.

Eliminating the ad-lib "flash" part of the concept. Instead, these were elaborately choreographed and planned mob moments, but they were no less spectacular and epic in their performance.

Take the woman who was stunned with a mob erupted around her, complete with acrobatics, singing and dance. She was completely stunned, and even more when a reveal showed her boyfriend. He proposed on the spot and then stunned her again after she agreed.

He said that, "Why don't we do it right now, Why don't we get married right here, right now."

The bride to be was in shock, but went along with it as a dress came out and was put on her, while a white carpet was pulled for them to walk down. Everything was considered, including their families, who were present for their nuptials.

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