April 9, 2011

Gerard Way Chemical Romance

Gerard Way the frontman for My Chemical Romance has gone through many changes. Changes in his music, his hair and his life. He matured. He got married. And biggest change? He had a kid.
Gerard and wife LynZ welcomed daughter Bandit Lee Way in May of 2009. And as any parent would attest, parenthood has quite and impact on pretty much everything. Gerard said in a recent interview that:

“I’ve already changed tremendously. I’m definitely doing stuff differently onstage. I’m not injuring myself. There’s no death wish anymore. You get past the crash course and you don’t want to die. ‘Oh! I wanna live! I don’t want to end up one of these cats that die young.’” He added that, “Once you get over that, people almost immediately find you boring.”
Gerard had already felt he was maturing and that that giving a child,“ definitely cemented it. But I started to feel that way in my late twenties: “Living is awesome! Life is great.” I realized what I liked. Performance is fine, yeah, but I like to create. I didn’t want to run out of time. I just want to keep making things. If you’re not around, you’re not making anything.”

And on the subject of toys, when asked who has cooler toy, him or his daughter, he said that, “I definitely do right now. But she’s going to get them all.”

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