April 12, 2011

Jenn Sterger Never Met Brett Favre

Sexy sideline reporter Jenn Sterger who was allegedly bombarded with X-rated photos and voicemails from Brett Favre said she never even met the x-Jets quarterback and at times felt "intimidated" by the attention he was giving her.

Sterger, the former New York Jets game day hostess who was at the center of the Favre sexting scandal said, "I've never met him. We've never met."

"Good Morning America" that aired today, Sterger said the closest she ever came to Favre was when they would pass each other in the tunnels at the old Giants Stadium before and after games.

Sterger, however, said Favre did try to meet her in 2008.

"He was like that guy at the bar that just could not get the hint," she recalled.

Both Sterger and Favre worked for the Jets in 2008 when the randy granddaddy allegedly threw a pass at the curvy game day hostess, as was first reported last October by the sports blog Deadspin.com

She never made any money off the Favre texts or voicemails, terger said. She said she's stayed out of the spotlight over the past few months in an effort to rebuild her TV career.

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