April 6, 2011

Kate Upton Shows Her Dance Skill

The Los Angeles Clippers have been giving fans more and more reasons to watch their dynamic young basketball team with their electric emergence of rookie sensation Blake Griffin this season.

Over the weekend, the Staples center provided even more entertainment than usual when your everyday garden-variety supermodel, Kate Upton, was spotted in the stands doing dancing to the music playing in the loudspeakers .

A tune from Cali Swag District called "Teach Me How to Dougie."

As you can imagine, the video of Upton showing her dance moves from the basketball stands immediately went viral.

For some us who have already seen the 18-year-old Upton on the pages of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, it was just more convincing evidence that Ms. Upton is a rising star.

She's young, she's beautiful and best of all she can do the Dougie!

Not only that but she appears to have a very fun and cheerful personality. Now that's something special.

If only we can get Upton on next season's cast list of "Dancing with the Stars."

Dancing Victoria Secret models may be the perfect way to draw in even more male viewers.

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