April 10, 2011

Keanu Reeves

"Matrix" star Keanu Reeves was accused of fathering a son in 1988. The woman claimed that Keanu disguised himself as her ex-husband to impregnate.

Reportedly the Canadian woman had asked for $150,000 per month in child support retroactive from June 1988 and $3 million a month in spousal support, retroactive from November 2006.

Keanu from the advise of his lawyer took the DNA test and it was proven false as Keanu maintained he never met the woman before.

The event took a toll on Keanu who's described the ordeal as "horrible". “Accuse me of being a father. I had to go to court. It was horrible. I didn’t do it. I’m not the dad.”

Keanu Reeves recently confirmed he's in for Bill & Ted 3.

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