April 2, 2011

Khosa urges doctors to have mercy for patients

Zulfiqar Khosa, Senior Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab, has urged the doctors on strike to have mercy for the ailing patients.

Addressing a cotton conference and later talking to media men in Lahore, Zulfiqar Khosa said there was no lobby of the growers in the country, urging them to unite and form an organization.

He said the growers are subjected to exploitation due to their silence. “They should unite and raise voice for their rights and then I will see how the Federal Government refuses to accept their demands,” he added.

To a question relating to the doctors on strike, Khosa said Pakistan is not an oil-rich country like Saudi Arabia that their salaries could be increased. He went on to say that six-seven lac rupees are spent on the education of a doctor and added that they should pay attention toward discharging their professiona.

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