April 17, 2011

Lady Gaga Meets the Evil Queen

Taking advantage of a break from stage duties, Lady Gaga paid a visit to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL over the weekend (April 16).

The "Judas" singer seemed to be having a marvelous time as she gave a growl while clenching an apple and striking a pose with the Evil Queen from the legendary Disney film "Snow White".

The Magic Kingdom visit came just hours after Gaga proudly unveiled the cover art to her album “Born This Way,” as she tweeted to her millions of followers, "So happy+free to finally share this w you, riding around with the booklet! Can't believe its here!"

The new album's artwork was put together by Nick Knight and the Haus of Gaga creative team while depicting the 25-year-old blended into a motorcycle in a black and white design topped off with colorful red lips. "Born This Way" is set to be released on May 23rd.

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