April 9, 2011

Nicole Richie Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Closing out with week with a blood-pumping fitness session, Nicole Richie was spotted out at the gym in Studio City, CA on Friday (April 8).

Clad in a studded biker jacket and casual gear, the former "Simple Life" star toted a java beverage and handbag as she exited following the afternoon workout.

Meanwhile, Miss Richie has also spoken out to shoot down rumblings that she's expecting her third child with rocker Joel Madden.

In a statement released today, Nicole told, "Contrary to recent speculation, I am not pregnant. This irresponsible reporting continues to feed an atmosphere of self-doubt and insecurity. To publicly point out a change in anyone's body is mean-spirited and cruel. People's bodies change and change again. This is not newsworthy and is a waste of valuable media space that should be used for more important issues."

What is this picture saying?

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