April 5, 2011

Outsiders Spend Millions

The candidates are not the only ones campaigning in Wisconsin's state supreme court election.

Tuesday, voters will choose between Justice David Prosser and Assistant Attorney Jeneral Joanne Kloppenburg, but activists from outside their campaigns have spent millions trying to sway that vote.

The candidates say that is because the controversial state budget and bargaining laws are expected to end up before the bench.

"I've intentionally kept a distance from what's in the bill," said Kloppenberg. "I do believe that the energy is in favor of a candidate like me."

"To take out somebody's anger against one person or one policy and attribute it to someone who really is an innocent bystander, that's like a driveby shooting," said Prosser. "It's not fair."

The candidates can only spend $300,000 campaigning but outsiders have already spent more than $2 million on television advertising alone. That includes one group that has spent almost $1 million on Kloppenburg, and three conservative groups placing more than $1 million on Prosser.

Watchdog groups have rated some of the ads 'barely true' and others 'ridiculously false.'

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