April 11, 2011

Pervez Musharraf Plans to Return

Former president and Retd. Chief of Army Staff Pervez Musharraf plans to return to the country were intact despite the military leadership’s refusal to provide him security or help him elude arrest.

According to media report by phone from Dubai, Musharraf told, “I have never made any such request. My comeback plans are very much entire. I don’t need any extra measures for my protection and the government, not the army, is responsible for that.”

Here are some Questions? Please give answers.

  1. Will Musharaf come back to Pakistan?
  2. Is Musharaf afraid to Supreme Court, Nawaz Sharif or Shah Zain Bhugti?
  3. will Musharaf arrest in Benazir Bhutto Murder case?
  4. Is he really involve in Benazir Bhutto Murder?
  5. Will Musharaf become president of Pakistan once again?

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