February 10, 2011

Abby Elliott

A little Wayne’s World party time excellent. It’s hard not to have a soft spot for this throwback the material was nothing new, but that’s kind of the point. I particularly enjoyed “Who’s on Firth.”

This one left my kind of cold, though I loved the touch of including Phil Hartman’s old introduction. Was this funnier 20 years ago, or was I just 10 years old? Merits further study.

I usually avoid Dana Carvey, even on talk shows, and so I expected to really dislike this. Carvey’s impressions are always more about him than his target, and his material is all twenty years past its prime. I found the monologue to be pretty innocuous – the Jon Lovitz cameo was cute, even if the pairing did seem like something of a washed-up high school reunion.

I’d have liked this better if it were written by the 1986-1993 writers.


Perhaps the first airing of this commercial was long enough ago, or perhaps the material is strong enough to endure a second go-round, but I enjoyed this as much the 2nd time round.

I just renew my standing objection to repeats within a new show. Still, glad this repeat was one of the good ads produced this year.


The Church Lady got in some good Charlie Sheen jabs, the Kardashians were a good fit, and man Justin Bieber is everywhere this week.

The intervening decades haven’t made it harder for the Church Lady to criticize pop culture, that’s for sure. This worked very well.


Another vehicle for SNL impressions – the return of Hader’s Alan Alda was welcome, Armisen’s Ice – T was point perfect, Jay Pharoah’s Eddie Murphy was okay if a bit awkward toward the end, and Dana Carvey’s Mickey Rooney is just plain played out. Still.

Exactly. The skit didn’t hold together. Love Hader’s Alda, though.


Samberg’s goofiness always tends to elicit something of a giggle, but this one didn’t hit it out of the park for me.

Right- Digital Shorts have a high floor, but this was near that floor.


Ooh, sparkly lights! A fun performance and a rather pretty song. I enjoyed.

I was happy when this ended, but this is not my kind of music.


Some decent Egypt Update coverage this week, and Paul Brittain’s James Franco was a hoot: “I love jobs!” (I hope we get to see him again post-Oscars.) Kristen Wiig’s disco meteorologist was somewhat entertaining–it’s hard not to smile at “Wear gloves”–but she’s still short of hilarious here.

Wiig really made the disco meteorologist work, I thought. I maintain she is Carol Burnett in search of Burnett’s material.


I have not yet failed to be entertained by Wiig’s Kathy Lee impression. Dana Carvey’s Regis is alright, but the material dragged until Wiig popped into the frame.

Oh, I thought his Regis was terrific. This was a bit aimless, but worth doing, given Regis’s departure.


When I saw Kenan Thompson and Dana Carvey together, my first thought was “Oh, help me.” And indeed the pairing was painful. But seeing Vanessa Bayer just standing there in her Little Miss outfit offered a beacon of hope. The contestants saved this bit, with particular note to Samberg who is great as little Brendon. If only we could have had less Kenan and Dana, more Vanessa, Kristen, Samberg, and fine, even Abby Elliott.

This was devoid of laughs for me.


Does Abby Elliott only have one “character” voice when she’s not doing Rachel Maddow? I liked the content and the idea here, but unfortunately Abby Elliott annoys me.

Also yet to see Elliott perform in a way her pedigree suggests she should.


Linkin Park sure likes a gimmick. In this case the black and white made this song seem really quite pretentious.

It’s a free country, so people can like this if they want.


A new wave 80s-glam band in a bar full of die-hard Green Bay football fans. I dig the idea, but somehow there were no laughs in the execution.

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