February 10, 2011

Khosa wants to celebrate Basant with Nawaz

Governor Punjab Latif Khosa exposed a strong wish that Basant be celebrated this year with the zeal and zest the traditional Lahore festival deserves. He said the celebration projected a ‘softer’ image of the country to the international community. The governor vowed to persuade the Sharif brothers of his plan.

Governor Punjab said that he would like to celebrate Basant with the Pakistan Muslim League leader Nawaz Sharif. However, he added that the committee established to determine the feasibility of Basant should ensure there would be no threat to citizen’s lives.

Governor Khosa was speaking with the media after inaugurating the Tulip Flower Show at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. He said to the Punjab chief minister that parks and greenery were essential for the youth as they were spaces for recreation. He said society needed to end violence and create a peaceful atmosphere.

The governor also urged students of universities, schools and colleges to plant trees and flowers so as to make the country beautiful.

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