February 16, 2011

Anu's Pre-Valentine's bash

The guest list didn't let in the party regulars, but the party didn't lack the thrill. Anu chose to wear a casual dress Jammin' with the DJ.. Therefore the resident DJ spinned the best of commercial house and Bollywood tunes, percussionist Veshesh Pasey did some classic jugalbandi along with the DJ and entertained the crowd at the party throughout the evening. Amidst the crowd, we spotted a group of young firang girls Efy, Gosia, Camila, Veronica and Seohee rifling to the music. Varun, who came along with his group of friends Priyanka, Mehul, Gautam and Divyaansh, enjoyed listening to the music, and the group couldn't stop shaking their booty on the floor.

Veshesh was heard talking about his next project, "I will be soon leaving for Bangkok . I shall be performing at an NRI wedding, where I shall be performing along with Sonu Nigam. This will be my first break to perform along with a Bollywood singer. I hope this good phase continues ." We hope so too!

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