March 4, 2011

Laughing Baby

The babies who take the Internet by storm, racking up millions and millions of YouTube views by just doing what babies do best: being endearing.

The newest edition to that exclusive club is the "laughing baby," Mica McArthur, who dissolves into giggles when his father rips up a piece of paper.

Micah and his parents, Marcus and Amanda McArthur, went on the "Today Show" this morning. But, alas, Micah seems to have grown out of his paper ripping phase, as the baby wasn't wasn't entertained by the action anymore.

The baby Micah story is modern not just because of the way the video went viral on YouTube. It's also a tale of today, was tearing up a job rejection letter when he discovered how much Micah loved the sound.

You Might Watch Video Here:

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