March 4, 2011

Mazda Recall Spider

Horror news story of today, a spider's web might crack apart your car engine and start a fire. But only if you have a Mazda 6. And no one has any idea why this is happening.

The news has forced Mazda to recall 65,000 cars in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. The spider is the yellow sac spider. Mazda dealers reported 20 cases of webs being found in a release connected to the fuel tank. The webs could patten the ventilation system, applying pressure to the fuel tank, which could then crack and cause a fuel leakage.

"Dealers had identified twenty cases in which spider webs were found in the vents," Barnes told. The webs were linked to yellow sac spiders, Barnes also told, but it was unclear why they were crawling into the Mazda 6 rather than other vehicles. Barnes said the arachnoid attraction to the sporty cars which the company has marketed with its 'zoom-zoom' tagline had no specific connection to a particular region of North America."

Thus Mazda has no idea why this spider likes its cars. As Cynthia Dermody writes at the Stir, "But if these yellow sac spiders are able to wreck entire Mazdas, what kind of damage can they do, are they doing in my house?! To me and my kids while we are sleeping? After they find "cracks" to crawl in and hide, you know, like the crux of my son's arm or my earlobe." If it makes you feel any better, the yellow sac spider might have potentially deadly webs, but it won't bite you to death.

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