April 10, 2011

Altaf Hussian Addressing In Punjab

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain Sunday addressing a public meeting here in Qaddafi Stadium said hurdles were created for his party’s entry into the Punjab, therefore, successful holding of the rally could be termed as a beginning of a revolution for bringing about a positive change in the country.

“We want to bring about positive changes for a prosperous Pakistan,” Altaf Hussain assured the crowd filling the football stadium.

Altaf Hussain after starting his address said ‘one two three’ in his typical style that worked like a spell, sending thousands of cheering MQM supporters and workers present in the stadium completely silent.

“The display of silence is a loud announcement of Altaf Hussain’s arrival in the Punjab,” the MQM Chief said, adding, today’s rally is the beginning of the revolution for changing the fate of Pakistan.

He said MQM came and conquered the Punjab and added that 'now no force, not even ‘Establishment’, can stop revolution from coming’.

Altaf Hussain said: “I am not a leader, I am amongst you.”

He said he was accused of being hostile to Punjabis and Pathans but actually he is aggressive only towards those who plundered country’s wealth.

He regretted that Pakistan’s policies were chalked out by the US and UK and questioned as to what kind of independence it was that any time a drone could come and violate the territorial integrity of the country.

The MQM Chief said his party would bring about changes aimed at welfare of the common man.

“We’ll make education mandatory and free for all till matric, there will be uniformity in the standard of education, punishment will be approved from Parliament for those who force children to work, feudal system will be uprooted, foreign policy on the basis of genuine sovereignty will be formed and no financial assistance from IMF and other institutions will be obtained,” Altaf Hussain enlisted the priorities of his party if given a chance amid cheers and slogans in favor of MQM.

He further said that micro finance would be made available to the people for establishing cottage industry; unemployment allowance would be given to jobless people; the minorities would be allowed rights and status equal to those of Muslims; discriminatory laws against women would be abolished; karo-kari, watta-satta and, marriage with Qur’an would be banned.

Altaf Hussain said Balochistan issue would be resolved through dialogue rather than use of force. He said many industries were shut due to load shedding of electricity and gas. We will eliminate these load sheddings, he promised.

The MQM Chief said if people of Punjab really wanted to change their circumstances they would have to come forward and hold his hand.

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