April 12, 2011

Ashley Tisdale Nude

Hollywood hot celebrity "Ashley Tisdale" shoot nude photos but they didn’t hit the web because of a hacker or a stolen cell phone. They’re a part of the annual Allure “Naked Truth” photo spread.

Tisdale bares everything in a photo spread shot by Patrick Demarchelierfor the magazine, declaring that she’s no longer the innocent kid star that much of the public still sees her as. Ashley says, “I’m not just the young girl everybody thinks I am. I’m a woman” as a photo of her naked behind graces the magazines pages.

“I’m 25, almost 26, but people think of me as much younger because I look young” Tisdale tells Allure.

Also donning their birthday suits in the issue are Big Bang Theory beauty Kaley Cuoco, R&B starlet Keri Hilson and Bridget Moynahan.

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