April 12, 2011

Method to Enhance Education for Kids

With the spread of the internet, home computers and other electronics, many companies have capitalized on the entertainment potential that has been created. Other companies have seized the opportunity to combine the entertainment aspects of computers and electronics with enhanced education for children.

Two of the most talked about companies blending fun and education, creating fun brain games, are FunBrain (FunBrain.com), founded in 1997, and Brain Pop (BrainPop.com). Both companies cover a wide range of educational topics including Science, Health, Engineering, Technology, Math, Social Studies, Arts & Music. The games are interactive and promote education while also entertaining and engaging the child.

Both companies and their web sites have been a valuable resource for educators and parents. BrainPOP, conceived in 1999 by pediatrician Dr. Avraham Kadar, M.D. as a creative way to explain difficult concepts to his young patients, says that over 125,000 teachers use the free platform. The web site includes professional development tools, graphic organizers, best practices, and much more. This is very useful for creating lesson plans, video tutorials. Parents could also use the tools for one-on-one education with their children.

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