April 7, 2011

Govt Closed Geo Super Transmission

Government has once again persecuted Jang Group by having its sports channel ‘Geo Super’ shut down through Pakistan Electronic Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).

Government has banned Geo Super’s transmission in Pakistan. The gagging of Geo Super will deprive the people of the country of sports events including the domestic events.

In spite of financial losses suffered by Geo Super lately, the channel strived to ensure that viewers continue to catch the sporting action on TV.

According to Geo’s administration, the Government subjected the Geo Super to punishment for showing sporting events to the people.

Cheap tactics are being used to black mail Geo Super. The Government issued order on April 4 to turn Geo Super off in what appears to be a vengeful action of the government against the Jang Group.

Geo Network had been uncovering government conspiracies and raising voice against corruption.

Gul Muhammad Kakar, former official of PEMRA, had been sacked for making public the illegal tactics being used for targeting Geo. He said Chairman PEMRA had ordered to cause losses to Geo Super.

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