April 18, 2011

Ke$ha Kicks the Converse Lounge

She’s been having a blast at the Coachella Music Festival, and yesterday (April 17) Ke$ha was spotted hanging out at the Converse Lounge at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.

The “TiK ToK” songstress hammed it up for the cameras, posing in front of an American flag while holding a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars dangling from her mouth.

During her interview, Ke$ha shared that she loves the interaction she has with her fans, as well as the effect her music has on them.

“There are so many. Every night’s amazing. I have kids outside right now chanting my name and it’s awesome. There was one night a fan came on stage. I invited him on stage, and he had a tattoo of the dollar sign. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s awesome! Badass. You’re part of the cult, man.’”

That fan ended up telling her that she helped him come out of the closet. “I’m standing onstage about to sing a song about growing back a pair of testicles [Grow a Pear] and I had tears rolling down my face and chills all over my body. Because that’s really the reason I do music, to inspire people to be themselves.”

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