April 18, 2011

Khloe Kardashian Watch Laker Lose Game 1

She has always been a supportive wife, and yesterday (April 17) Khloe Kardashian was courtside to watch her hubby Lamar Odom play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” babe looked to be enjoying herself despite the fact the Lakers had a hard loss to the New Orleans Hornets with a final score of 109-100.

As for her show “Khloe & Lamar,” Ms. Kardashian had a tough talk with Odom’s best friend Jamie Sangouthai, who is Lamar’s partner in their new clothing line Rich Soil.

When Khloe tried to offer business advice, Jamie shut her down, saying, “We have it covered. At the end it aways works out.”

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