April 19, 2011

Nikki Reed And Paul McDonald

It seems like Nikki Reed's father approves of her "American Idol" boyfriend Paul McDonald. Well, her on-screen vampire father anyway.

Peter Facinelli, Reed's "Twilight Saga" co-star has tapped McDonald for his independent film "Loosies"' soundtrack. The "Nurse Jackie" star wrote, produced and stars in the film, which McDonald will contribute music to. Oh, the perks of being Nikki Reed's boyfriend.

"I was telling Nikki I was looking for music for my movie, and she said, 'You should look through Paul's stuff.' She was a big fan of his, I heard, and I thought it really worked for my movie," Facinelli says. "I played some tracks over it, where we had temp tracks, and it just all worked. So I reached out to Paul, I sent him the movie, and he enjoyed it a lot, and he said he wanted to be a part of it, which I was stoked."

Facinelli says McDonald's original music fits perfectly with "Loosies," which revolves around a pickpocket in New York who reconsiders his lifestyle after a one-night stand reveals she is now pregnant. "He has a band, and his band stuff is very different than what he was doing on 'American Idol," he explains. "When I heard the band, it's very distinct and has a voice of its own. I like the originality of it."

The movie will use most of the music from the two albums McDonald's bands, The Grand Magnolias and High Tide Blues, currently have on iTunes.

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